This was a message written by someone I don't know but wouldn't mind knowing.

The Enchanted Banana of Happiness

From Jody Robertson to Franke Santos:

The Enchanted Banana of Happiness is very similar to the Magical Grapefruit of Love. Not to say that one is superior in message, but the wishes are fairly similar. The difference is that some prefer bananas to grapefuits and vice-versa. Thus for a variety of fruity choices, I introduce to the world the Enchanted Banana of Happiness.

This banana has been given to you by someone who thinks that you are extra fabulous. The giver may be anyone. In any case, you have enchanted this person with your bananalike qualities (smile, sense of humor, or just plain aesthetically pleasing, good looks), and he/she finds you interesting, and definitely thinks you are a pretty good reason to be alive. This is merely a token of gratitude.

Like the Grapefruit, the proper response for the Enchanted Banana of Happiness is a hug and a smile ( bananas are always smiling ) within a week of receiving the Enchanted Banana of Happiness. If you are out of range to where this response is not feasible, you may respond with a letter of thanks.

Basically this Enchanted Banana of Happiness is a way of saying "You make me happy, and I don't know if you know this yet, but you are ultimately cool."

Sorry if you expected an actual banana. The type of equipment that I am dealing with will not allow me to send actual fruit by computer. Eventually the miracle of science will allow an actual banana to travel through the phone lines. Rest assured though that someone thinks that you are a really rockin' guy/girl and that if you were lost in the same state they would definitely give you directions.

The Enchanted Banana of Happiness grows in smiley power every time it is receved by another. This is not a chain letter. Nothing bad will happen if you do not send it on, but think of the bright spot it might put in the day of someone who is truly spiffy. Tell them how nifty they are and spread the joy.