Want to be a hero? Then become a semen donor, and help infertile couples in your community have children---if your semen cuts the mustard (only a small percentage of applicants are accepted). Call your local fertility clinic for more information. The Ultimate Test of Heroism.

Remember: A sprinkle a
day helps others keep infertility
Wherever you are in the country, chances are there's at least one Fertility Clinic near you. I actually took a whack at it, but was rejected. It seems my sperm count is only normal and the Fertility Clinic needs donors with super-normal counts, as half the sperm die in the freezing process. Shiver me timbers! Only about 3 to 5 percent of prospective donors are accepted. Good Luck!

Self-Disclaimer: This was more an exercise in curiosity. I can't say whether I would have participated in the program had I been accepted.

Enlightened Self-Interest: Helping your fellow man while helping yourself.